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Over 90%

of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma patients never knew they had treatable Barrett's Esophagus


Find Barrett's before it progresses 

EAC rates chart.png
#1 rate of increase of any cancer


has increased

over 733%

in the past 4 decades


Less than 10%

of high-risk GERD patients currently undergo EGD screening


733% Increase
EAC has increased over 733% in the past 4 decades


Lethal Cancer

less than 20%

5 year survival


Less than 10%
of EAC patients have had BE diagnosed
before EAC


The Unmet Clinical Need


of EAC patients were asymptomatic prior to diagnosis


40percent people.png
BE_in the esophagus.png

Barrett’s Esophagus screening rates are very low — even for the high-risk patients

BE screening rates.png

Multiple factors contribute to the low BE screening rate, even in high-risk patients, including limited primary physician awareness of the relationship between GERD and EAC and guidelines recommending BE screening as well as reluctance to refer patients, whose symptoms may be reasonably controlled on PPIs for an “invasive” endoscopy procedure.

eso cells.png

Since even early stage esophageal cancer carries a poor prognosis, the only opportunity to save lives is through early detection — very very early detection.

Amitabh Chak, MD, MS, FASGE

Case Western Reserve University

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

Ready to start screening with EsoGuard?

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